An international online course of the educational clowning center

by Talia Safra’s method methodology
will air in 2022.

The Educational Clowning Center has developed an exclusive methodology for clowning in schools. 

Our research and academic training serve as key elements of our approach to improving the school climate, supporting and strengthening the social and emotional needs of students, make the school a beneficial and safe place for the development of both the students and the teachers.

 We are constantly updating our methods in synch with our continued experience in schools frameworks. 

The Educational Clowning Center has developed specific tools related to the mission and the profession of educational clowning.

Our courses provide answers in a variety of tracks:

*Familiarity with the field of educational clowning and its philosophy.

 *Training educational clowns

 *Enrichment and provision of professional tools in the field of educational clowning for educators and caregivers

**A link to our international school will be available through this site

Using our research-backed methodology, we aim to make the biggest impact possible in schools and for children everywhere.

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